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♪ Keep calm, subscribe, relax and enjoy our Tropical Vibes ♪ Tropical House Records is your path to Paradise... FAQ: Q: Can I use this track on my Youtube video? A: We have a 'Copyright Free' playlist on our channel's homepage, you can use for free all the tracks contained in this playlist. However, we suggest that you give some credit to the artist and us to spread the good vibes. Every time we upload a free copyright track will be added to this list. Q: How can I submit my track? A: All submissions must be sent here: If you wanna submit a demo send : Q: Is actually THR a Record label? A: Record Label and Promotional Channel. Q: How many THR channels are there? A: THR group is a network composed by 5 channels: - Tropical House Records - THR Kygo - Melodicity - Deepycal - Summer Bass If you have any more questions that aren't listed above, feel free to drop me an e-mail (listed below)

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Nom de la chaîne Tropical House Records
Date de création 05 juin 2015
Vues par vidéo 875.330
Nombre moyen de vidéos publiées par mois 3,7
Délai moyen entre chaque vidéo 8.16 jours