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Good Day People of the Internet and Welcome to Statistic Wars! My Aim is to try and make a successful channel which in turn will make a new community! Lets Grow Together! What Exactly will you find on this channel? Well The first feature is the 24/7 livestream which shows some of the latest social media stats which include but not limited to: YouTube, Twitter and TikTok. What else? I upload a range of videos which are normally highlights from the stream but also dig into past and future stats for channels and compare them. This Channel Makes nothing and most likely never will because of the content it holds but this is not an issue as it is all about entertainment and the community.

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Nom de la chaîne Subscriber Wars
Date de création 15 février 2019
Pays Royaume-Uni
Vues par vidéo 20.236
Nombre moyen de vidéos publiées par mois 2,9
Délai moyen entre chaque vidéo 10.53 jours