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Draganostra Official YouTube Channel CEO in Native Music Records - Audiovisual company : Recording, Mixing, Mastering audio, Musical arrangements, Composition, Post prod, Soundtracks, Voiceover Mixing, Sound design editing, E-Mastering, Digital distribution, Copyright service, Publishing administration, Rights management. ⚠️ IMPORTANT: - Do not register your song if you are using any of the instrumental of this channel this beat is subject to copyright. If you want to use this instrument for profit contact leaving a message on my email dhiyaballouchi@gmail.com that appears above the description. - Improper use of this material will have a copyright notice and will be penalized according to the rules and policies YouTube community.

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Nom de la chaîne Draganostra
Date de création 26 mars 2015
Pays États-Unis
Vues par vidéo 2.343
Nombre moyen de vidéos publiées par mois 0,9
Délai moyen entre chaque vidéo 34.92 jours