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5th Grade Math with Mr. J is a math education channel that offers Instructional Videos and Mastery Checks (practice videos to gauge understanding) that are directly aligned with math standards. This channel offers teachers, parents/guardians, and students help with a variety of math skills. Videos can be used to help with homework, introduce content (how to videos), reteach content, as a study tool, etc. All material is absolutely free. Math with Mr. J has helped teachers, parents/guardians, and students from all around the world. Hopefully you find this channel to be helpful as well. Have a great rest of your day! Follow Mr. J on Twitter: @MrJMath5 Email: math5.mrj@gmail.com Thank you for checking out 5th Grade Math with Mr. J!

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Nom de la chaîne 5th Grade Math with Mr. J
Date de création 31 janvier 2018
Pays États-Unis
Vues par vidéo 4.103
Nombre moyen de vidéos publiées par mois 3,2
Délai moyen entre chaque vidéo 9.39 jours